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» vosotras (you – plural, familiar, feminine)

Vosotras is a Spanish personal pronoun, grammatical second person plural. In Spanish conjugation the inflected verb forms in this person always end in the letter s, except in the Affirmative Imperative (used for example to give commands), where it always ends in the letter d (there are no exceptions).

The pronoun vosotras translates to the English you. When translating from English to Spanish, it must be noted that there are two forms of the second person plural in Spanish language:
  • vosotras is a feminine pronoun. For example, it is used when referring to a group of women of girls.
  • vosotros is a masculine or gender-neutral pronoun. For example, it is used when referring to a group of men, boys or a mixed group of men and women, boys and girls.
Also note that there are five Spanish pronouns altogether, which translate to English you. Except for vosotras and vosotros there are also:
  • – which is the second person singular, and translates to the English you
  • usted – which uses the conjugation of the third person plural but translates to the English second person singular you when addressing someone directly, like in:
    ¿Y usted qué desea comer?
    And what would you like to eat, sir?
    or to the English third person singular he/she (in meaning, the actual translation will vary) when talking about someone indirectly, like in:
    Usted busca a su amigos
    The lady looks for her friends
    In both cases usted has a formal, unfamiliar, official or respectful character.
  • ustedes – which is a reflection of what has been said about usted, but in the plural number
Vosotras is a commonly used pronoun in Spain, but not present in the flavors of Spanish spoken in Latin America, in countries like Chile or Bolivia, which use ustedes in place of both vosotras and vosotros. In Spain ustedes sounds official or unfamiliar.

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