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The form narrate was not found in our verb databases. But trying our best we stripped off what looks like a pronoun (-te) from its end and performed search on narra. And something was there! Hopefully useful or at least interesting:
narrarto narrate, to relate, to tell
has an inflected form narra in the third person singular (él/ella/usted) of the Presente tense, Indicativo mood. For example:
ella narra ∼ she narrates
narrarto narrate, to relate, to tell
has an inflected form narra in the second person singular () of its Imperativo Afirmativo. For instance:
(tú) narra! ∼ (you) narrate!
to narrate is an English verb. Click any of the Spanish translations below to see what we have for these verbs.
contarto count, to tell, to relate, to narrate
narrarto narrate, to relate, to tell
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5 comments to Search the Site

  • Very cute website! Found it helpful for the basics

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      Thank you! We’re happy you like it!

      The website is still under development, so more advanced stuff is on its way.

      Happy conjugating!

  • Jen

    Liked the site but the ads on each site cut off the main page, making it hard to play the games I tried (ex. matching). Is there a way to change the view to get the full page covered by ads?

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      Hi Jen! Thanks a lot for your feedback. We will add an option to completely hide both side columns in the Exercises section to gain more space for the central display window, where the games appear.

      • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

        It’s available now – HIDE SIDEBARS button under the NEXT button.

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