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Interactive Spanish Verb Conjugator

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To speed up your learning process and make the most of the conjugator, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with its features on the screenshot below. It’s really simple to use and has proved helpful to many students who wanted to avoid memorizing multiple conjugation charts by getting more understanding of the rules and conjugator

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22 comments to Conjugate

  • Teri Arana

    Great, informative website … wonderful tool. Thanks!!!!

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      You’re very welcome! Thanks a lot for feedback. Please let us know if there’s anything we could add or improve to make it even nicer to use for you.

  • Madeline

    Could you add pronunciation ?
    other then that this web site is a blessing! Thanks!

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      Yes, we are planning to add pronunciation, ideally for each form separately, not just for the infinitive forms. We weren’t sure how useful it would be for people, so thanks for this suggestion and feedback!

      • Corinna Olson

        Dear Prof. Tom Tomatin and Team,
        I would find it the most useful thing if each form had a pronunciation! While I’m trying to learn Spanish in general, each week I am reading some Spanish in church. Sometimes I get it right and others not.
        I love your website!!

  • Maria

    This is a great website. There are times when you run into glitches and this was one of them. Thanks for your help!

    • princess

      this is a gr8 website

      • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

        Thank you! :D

  • Lauren Freed

    Can you make verb lists to practice specific verbs. My son is 10 and does powerspeak spanish. I would love to be able to add in the specific verbs that he is studying and have him do exercises with them every day. Thanks

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      Hi Lauren – yes, we have the Verb Basket for exactly this purpose. Because the website is being redesigned now, the Basket is temporarily not visible, but it should be back tomorrow.

      • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

        Verb Basket is available again. It’s located in the Practice/Exercise section at the bottom of configuration options.

  • Nick

    What is the difference between pretirito pluscumperfecto A and B?

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      Hi Nick, good question. A and B are only variations of the same tense. Both are equal in meaning. Usage depends on location and context. For instance:

      • The -se forms can often be found in law and other official documents: quien hubiese matado, será ajusticiado
      • In South America, each country has its own distinct elements and choices, which also affects the usage of tenses

      These tenses are sometimes presented together on one chart, like:

          yo estuviera/estuviese
          tú estuvieras/estuvieses

      We chose to separate them for several reasons:

      • To make it easy to switch displaying one of these forms on/off in the Conjugator
      • To have separate links to related activities in pop-up menus (these which appear when the mouse cursor is placed over the tense name)
      • To enable practicing only one of these forms when selecting exercises
      • To improve readability

      Tenses may be enabled and disabled in options: Select tenses to include in exercises and conjugation.

  • Nice website!!!

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      Thank you! (-:

  • Aeriel

    thanks for the help! more power to you! :)

  • Dmitry

    Great site! Thank you guys, with you the conjugation is a piece of cake :)

  • Judy Palmer

    I can’t seem to save my settings. Help?

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      Settings are saved in cookies, maybe you have the cookies disabled in your browser?

  • Moriah

    An amazing website! I have used it all year to help me with my Spanish class and I see it even has the gerund form or words! You are amazing. Thank you!

  • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

    Thank you Moriah! We’re very happy you find it helpful!

  • Jannet Cortuna

    Very helpful for beginners like me. Almost everything I need is here.

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