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Features of the Exercises

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Our powerful exercising engine offers a variety of interactive activities designed to make the learning process highly enjoyable.

Using flexible configuration options, you can choose the area of focus that’s most important in your unique case.

Below you will find details about the main features of this section as well as the most frequently asked questions related to it.

Exercises – Main Features

Multiple modes of operation

Pages from the Exercises section may be viewed and used in several modes. Thanks to the modes you may easily switch between practicing random verbs, a group of selected verbs or a single verb depending on your current need:

  • Random mode – that’s the default mode. With every click of the Next button the system draws a random verb and a random activity for it.
  • Basket mode – In this mode the system serves activities related only to the words which you added to the Basket.
  • Single verb mode – access this mode searching for a Spanish verb infinitive using the upper Search box. In this mode the system will serve activities related to this particular verb.
  • Single exercise mode – this mode is accessed using a permanent link to a particular exercise. Because that’s a permanent link to this particular exercise only, the Next button is not available. Because of the dynamic nature of the Exercise Engine permanent links are available only to selected exercises. These links may be found below the main screen, in the Translation and additional info section.

    An example is a permanent link to estar conjugation exercise in Presente.

Verb Basket

You may choose a set of words which you want to focus on in your practice using the Verb Basket. It accepts verbs but also any other Spanish words. Verb Basket can be easily located at the lower part of the screen, below options.

To add a word to the list:

  • Type a word into the input field in the basket and press Enter or click the ‘+’ button. Click the show more link to access buttons inserting special Spanish characters.
  • Click a link on the right hand side to easily add 10 or more random or Most Common verbs automatically.

Any given word may be added to the list multiple times. That way you may influence the system to draw a given word or verb more often than the others. For example if you practiced beber, comer, dormir set and noticed that you know the dormir the least and wanted to practice it more often than beber and comer, you could add two more dormir entries to the list:
    beber, comer, dormir, dormir, dormir
and have it drawn three times more often than the other two verbs.

Your Basket is saved between sessions using cookies on your computer. Cookies are deleted when you click the empty link.

Currently available activities

The following exercises may be found in the Exercises section:

  • Images and Sentences
  • Conjugation – Type In
  • Assembly Sentences
  • Sentences with Verb Form Choice
  • Verbs with Example Sentences
  • Match Sentences with Translations

Activity: Images and Sentences

Images with accompanying sentences or dialogs and their translation. Learn from reading the sentences and checking their meaning as well as from images showing nouns. The images use color codes to make it easier to remember the gender of each noun – the blue is for masculine (el) and the red is for feminine (la).

Activity: Conjugation – Type In

Conjugation exercises where you type into a form the correct forms for each person. The system checks your answers and provides correct solutions. You may choose to display detailed hints and instructions on how to perform the conjugation. The system will show you step-by-step what to do and why to do it filling in the form with correct answers.

Activity: Assembly Sentences

The system randomly mixes all words in a sentence and displays them on the screen. Using drag&drop you need to put the words in the right order to assembly a correct sentence. The system checks your answer and provides the correct solution. It can also help you putting only a single word in the correct order when you’re stuck.

Activity: Sentences with Verb Form Choice

Choose the correct form of verbs in a sentence. The choice is presented in form of drop-down menus. The system checks your answers and provides the correct ones. It also provides hints and can solve the puzzle for you.

Activity: Verbs with Example Sentences

The system draws random verbs and displays them on the screen with English translation, example sentences and convenient links to conjugation exercises related to this verb. You can learn new words and study examples of their usage.

Activity: Match Sentences with Translations

The system displays several Spanish sentences and their English translations in a random order. Using drag&drop you need to match each sentence with its correct translation. The system can check your answer and show the correct solution.

Storing the configuration between sessions

Your custom configuration may be stored between sessions. It requires cookies to work, so you need to have them enabled in your browser in order to do that.

If you are not sure whether you have the cookies enabled or not, click the Save my settings button and check the text on it. It will tell you if the saving was successful or failed.

Exercises – Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the easiest way to start using the Exercises?

If there is a particular verb you are interested in:

  • Go to the Exercises start page by clicking this link or choosing Exercise from the top menu
  • In the top search box type in the verb and hit Enter or click the search button

If you’re not sure what the verb is or how to spell it correctly:

  • Start at the Search page. You may also use the search box in the middle of the Home page or at the top of the left column
  • Type in a Spanish verb, any of its inflected forms, an English verb or any phrase you are interested in and look through results. Once you identify the verb you’ll also get links to various exercises for this verb in the relevant search results.

You may read more about finding information on this website on the Help page devoted to Search.

Why isn’t my custom configuration remembered when I revisit the page?

As explained in the features section, storing custom configuration requires cookies to work, so you need to have them enabled in your browser in order to do that.

If you are not sure whether you have the cookies enabled or not, click the Save my settings button and check the text on it. It will tell you if the saving was successful or failed.

Other possible problems:

  • The browser may be configured to clean (delete) all cookies at exit

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