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A diphthong is a composite vowel sound. It consists of two vowels which are pronounced as a single syllable. During its pronunciation the sound moves (glides) from the position of the first vowel to the position of the second vowel. For that reason its also called a gliding vowel.

The diphtong is not a typical Spanish construction. It is present in various languages, also in English. But there are languages which do not have diphthongs, except optionally in fast speech.

Diphthong examples

Diphthong examples in Spanish:
  • puerta (ue)
  • siete (ie)
  • paisaje (ai)

Diphthong examples in English:
  • trout (ou)
  • main (ai)
  • boil (oi)

Additional diphthong info

Plural form: diphtongs
Adjective: diphthongal
Other names: gliding vowel
Antonym: monophthong

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