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Spanish Conjugation Chart - Simple Tenses


The below Spanish Conjugation Chart presents regular conjugation rules for Spanish verbs in Simple Tenses of the Indicativo mood:

  • Pretérito Imperfecto (Imperfect)
  • Pretérito Perfecto Simple (Preterit)
  • Presente (Present)
  • Futuro (Future)

Enjoy high resolution

The chart can be enlarged significantly for easier viewing. Full screen mode is also available in the controls at the bottom. To zoom the chart in and out use the mouse scroll or controls in the bottom-right corner of the viewer.

SpanishIf you’d like to print it download this special PDF file: “Spanish Conjugation Chart – Simple Tenses”.

It contains the chart split into 18 parts of A4 page size each. Every page is set up with a 3cm overlap, so you can easily put them together and hang on the wall.

Thanks for the idea Maggie!


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5 comments to Spanish Conjugation Chart – Simple Tenses

  • Maggie

    Hey guys!
    Is there any way we can download this chard in high res? Possibly a bunch of a4 pages i can stick side by side on my wall? That would be awesome!

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      Hey Maggie, we don’t have it available yet, but we’ll prepare something for you soon.

    • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

      Hey Maggie, the chart is now available for download (just above Deep Zoom version). Let us know if that is what you’re looking for. Thank you for the idea :D !

      • Maggie

        Hey guys! The poster is massive! But also very helpful and looking awesome on my wall. Thank you!

        • prof. Tom Tomatín & team

          We’re very happy to hear it! Enjoy :)

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